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Southern African Institute of Steel Construction

saiscThe mission of SAISC is to develop and promote the health and wealth of the steel construction industry in Southern Africa.

We exist to persue the following ideals
  • a larger more profitable steel construction industry
  • an industry that can compete with any of its counterparts anywhere in the world
  • freedom from rules and practices that frustrate the industry in its efforts to provide clients with the best service
  • a culture of innovation permeating all facets of the industry
  • an industry populated and served in all fields by high-calibre people with the right skills

Founded in 1956 when South Africa was still a Union, the Institute was known as The Structural Steel Publicity and Advancement Association Limited. Initially the staff consisted of a single engineer offering his services on a part-time basis with a membership of 18 members.

In 1961 the Institute changed its name to the South African Institute of Steel Construction and more recently to the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction. Today the Institute boasts with a membership of nearly 600 members.

With a history spanning over 45 years, SAISC has been a key player in the field of education and training, advancing the level of expertise to new heights. However the emphasis has always been on promoting the use of steel in construction.


The Board, elected annually, is representative of the members of the Institute. Its role is to determine the direction and policies of the Institute, in line with the needs of the industry at any time.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible to the Board of SAISC to ensure the effective management of the Institute.


There are six core committees responsible to the Board:

  • Market Development
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Membership
  • Contractors
  • ISF (Export promotion)

There are two regional committees outside Gauteng who actively see to the interests of members:

  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Western Cape
The SAISC is involved in the areas of marketing, education, engineering and the provision of member services.
Market Development

Marketing is vital to the continued success of the South African steel construction industry, which needs to grow its market share in areas in which it is underrepresented, quite apart from maintaining its share of traditional markets. To this end the SAISC researches techniques and products to improve the effectiveness of steel construction, maintains regular contact with potential clients and professionals, pursues individual projects for steel input and promotes the image of the industry. To foster fabricated steelwork exports beyond the borders of the Southern African Development Community, SAISC was instrumental in setting up International Steel Fabricators (ISF).


The availability of suitably trained manpower and specialist skills is a major factor in the continued growth and development of the industry. Education thus poses a major challenge. To maintain and develop the industry's competitiveness the SAISC operates a bursary scheme to draw young engineers into the industry, is actively concerned with the quality of courses in steel design at universities and technikons, invites eminent overseas lecturers to enhance courses, offers continuing education courses to recent graduates and practicing designers, and sponsors research programmes at several universities.


Development of the steel construction Industry's technological capability is another major aim of the SAISC. This involves the provision of design aids ( such as the Steel Construction Handbook ) to designers and ensuring that South African codes and specifications for the design and construction of steelwork are on par with the best in the world. This includes the application of information technology. The SAISC is also involved in promoting better contractual arrangements and documents. Furthermore, advice is given to people in all aspects of steel construction.

Contact details:
Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC)
Head Office:
1st Floor
Block C
43 Empire Road
Postal Address:
PO Box 291724
South Africa